Sept 27:
Today I think I will look at WTF I am doing wrong with my new wireless router. I know that wireless was not a buying point, but now that I have it, I want it rocking at the 300Mbps advertised. Anyone have a smoking fast 802.11n setup that I can ask you about?

Additional entry:
Channel bonding is what I am after to crank my WiFi speeds up. I’ve limited the router to 40MHz channel mode (two 20MHz channels bonded together) and will do the same on the lappy tonight. I managed to get a couple seconds of 120Mbps while watching YouTube videos, which is amazing seeing as the line into the house is only 20Mbps. I am trying to push this wireless to 150Mbps at least and ~200Mbps as a standard. Why? Why not? ;D

Follow on additional entry:
300Mbps from outside the house is just not possible at this time.
What it is good for is moving large files WITHIN the house.
Or gaming.
You know that Jenny and her endless time spent throwing LAN parties. 😉
But, seeing as neither of these things are typically being done, it comes down to “Because I can”.

Additional follow on entry:
802.11n sucks!!!!
Not really. Even unoptimized, I am pretty impressed with it so far.
Router is set to 40MHz only (channel bond mode).
Here’s the settings needed for my lappy WiFi card.

Final entry of the day:
130Mbps, but that is damn near in line of sight.
43.3% advertised.
Streamed an HD vid from my PC to the lappy and it seemed happy enough at 65Mbps, spiking to 72Mbps every now and again.
Is anything more overkill?
Am I going to try for more?

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