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Flynns and Draddys and Donohues, Oh My!

In a follow up to this post and this post, I finally received the first of the grave records from Calvary Cemetery in Queens. This took just over two months, which seems a bit long, especially for the amount of “research” that went into this and the cost.… Read the rest

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Calling all ye Flynns, Draddys and Donohues!

So, Uncle Sam took a good bite out of me this year, so there wasn’t near the amount of available money that I was hoping for, but I did talk myself into buying a little something for myself from my last AT&T bonus.… Read the rest

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This morning the Draddy clan were restless.

John Draddy Cemetery Plot Purchase
John Draddy is one of my maternal 3x great-grandfathers.He was born in County Cork, Ireland around 1835 and died in an freak explosion at a construction site in Manhattan in 1880.

Armed with an actual plot number, I turned to FindAGrave.comRead the rest

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Genealogy Updates

Calin’s Irish Citizenship paperwork was kicked back. We need to provide a copy of “a gov’t issued photo ID”. Umm? You mean a passport? Yup.
So that is currently in the works as of last Monday.

DNA: Jenny’s brother’s results are back.… Read the rest

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The Ancestors Are Restless

Wow, what a week that was!

As I studied for my math and Java finals, my ancestors woke up and decided to mess with me. All of them. All at once.

It started with a message here to this post.… Read the rest

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Summer 2015

It seems that this place is not as hidden as I thought.
For those of you asking questions about Excel functions and the like, please understand that I use this place as kind of a notebook. Just because it winds up as a post here, especially if it is just a link, it does not mean that I am great source of info on the subject.… Read the rest

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John & Liz Flynn

Sure. Sure. It sounds like I know them. Well, after spending a week with them, I kind of do! Too bad they have been dead for about a hundred years! They were my 2nd great grandparents. And, until this week, they were as far back on the Flynn-side of the house as we knew.… Read the rest

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