The Best Views of Jupiter Are Happening Tonight. Here’s How to See It

Jupiter will be shining bright in the sky tonight when it comes in opposition tonight

Source: The Best Views of Jupiter Are Happening Tonight. Here’s How to See It

My little AWB OneSky did not fail! Two main bands of Jupiter were clearly visible, as were the four big moons. So damn cool!

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WTF, Microsoft!?!??!

How about “No”?

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I am very far behind on this and I have many, many blog posts to write, but this is what I did tonight.

I am currently reading “Automate the Boring Stuff With Python” (this is basically a required text), taking the Python course on, just about caught up with the present day with the “Talk Python To Me” podcast (I am listening to 140 and the current episode is 148), and I just started taking another online series of courses, Python for Data Science, at The last one is a quick run-through of Python basics, then dives into the Data Science end of the pool, which I am lacking. Most of this I do at work, because, well, things at work are scarily slow. I have to do something or I am going to freak out.

I sit next to a large group of developers. Other than SQL, I am not 100% sure what they develop in. Java, probably. But, they are facing a new project and Python is at the heart of this beast. I heard the original phone call that their boss was on when he was handed the project and told that it needs to be done in Python. He stammered and said he had played with it before, but was not expert. Python has come a long way since 2012 and I am sure he hasn’t looked at it since well before that. Explosive growth of PythonNo one on the team (about 20 people) seem to know a damn thing about it. I heard them discussing all manner of things Python today, trying to figure out how to get their feet under them. There I sat, happily coding away, with a freaking book on the subject on my desk. It gave me a smile.

Tonight I came home to a sick kid. Possibly flu. We will see. So, off to my office I went. What did I do? Wrote a Python script that I have been meaning to do for a while now. It moves photos and videos from my Dropbox Camera Upload folder to a .\\Photos\\year\\two-digit_month folder. It moves Jenny’s, too. Nice and easy, but it exposed me to three areas of the standard library that I do not normally dabble in, so it was good. It could use a little more work to polish it up a bit, but it is perfectly functional and fast. I’d work on it more, but I think I am going to read about the Little Ice Age and early European colonization of the New World.

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Today’s other project:

Add AirPrint Support To Your Raspberry Pi Print Server

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Super Simple Tripod 2×4

Today’s project:

Super Simple Tripod 2×4

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Transfer Raspberry Pi from SD to SSD

Slowly I turn. Step by step.
Just gathering some notes.

Transfer Pi from SD to external hard drive (yes, this will be an SSD).

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Prepping Raspberry Pi to Boot from USB

This tutorial explains how to boot your Raspberry Pi 3 from a USB mass storage device such as a flash drive or USB hard disk.


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SSL with Let’s Encrypt on Namecheap

My hosting provider does not fully support Let’s Encrypt for free SSL certificates. This site shows how to set it up manually.

It worked! I have two domains on my host: and, which is my forum site for my old friends now scattered. I enabled the 1-year-free SSL/TLS cert from Namecheap on the end of things. They wanted to charge me for a cert for, so that is where I installed the Let’s Encrypt cert. Honestly, the link above guide could use a rewrite. There are some serious steps that are mentioned in it, but not demonstrated. Like the whole

For my scripts to work, you should generate one certificate for each set of domain and subdomains. For example one for,, and another certificate for,,

tip. I could not figure out how to get to be included. Using a comma, like the “example” threw an error. Just leaving a space also threw an error. Oh, and you will need to find the actual commands on the github page. Also, I am not 100% sure how to actually “sign up” with Let’s Encrypt. When I tried to add my email address, it said it was already registered. Whatever. We’ll see what happens in three months! I am Secure!

secure lock

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Addressing the Dropbox Link Change, Part II

Well, that obviously didn’t work. 🙁

But, I found this page that talks about getting around the whole ?raw=1 stuff. I wasn’t convinced that would work, but it was exciting to see the image pop up in the editing field while writing that post. Let’s see what happens, using his “pro tip”. Continue reading

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Addressing the Dropbox Link Change

Found all my old Dropbox file links to be broken now that they made some strange change. The direct linking feature was one of my favorite things about Dropbox, so I am seriously looking for a solution right now.
Continue reading

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