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Draddy say what?

Cathy Swift – The multilingual origins of medieval Irish surnames This is not a surname that is run into too terribly often

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Calling all ye Flynns, Draddys and Donohues!

So, Uncle Sam took a good bite out of me this year, so there wasn’t near the amount of available money that I was hoping for, but I did talk myself into buying a little something for myself from my … Continue reading

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Everyone is Irish

My floater coworker brought in a genealogy packet today just to show me. An aunt had put it together for a family reunion in 2000. It was half handwritten and half typed, and full of black and white photocopied pictures. … Continue reading

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In the latest episode of The DNA Thread, I feel like throwing up. Last week, I was entering all kinds of DNA data into a program called GenomeMate Pro and I noticed a lot of matches that matched both my … Continue reading

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Walking the path of my ancestors

I am recently back from a trip to Dublin, in which I took part in the Centenary celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising. I will cover that in a different post. For this post, I am more concerned with sharing … Continue reading

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The Dead and The Restless

This is a follow-on to the post about all of the new Flynn info. It is hard for me to come to terms with the fact that while all of that was going and all of the following was getting … Continue reading

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The Ancestors Are Restless

Wow, what a week that was! As I studied for my math and Java finals, my ancestors woke up and decided to mess with me. All of them. All at once. It started with a message here to this post. … Continue reading

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