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Zork 2017

I am working my way through Zed Shaw‘s “Learn Python the Hard Way“, which is both a book with a DVD containing videos of each of the lessons and a web site that does not have the videos. So far, … Continue reading

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Spring is here!

I am working in the outdoor workshop, aka my backyard, today. The terrible winter seems to finally be defeated. Over 70F and I am working in shorts. Just a couple of days ago, it was snowing. Anyway, Jenny wants new … Continue reading

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Hello from…

Mobile the Laptop, connected via my iPhone’s hotspot to the OpenVPN server running on the OpenWRT router! I can see devices on the network, but only the wireless one. I am wondering if this is a firewall issue or something. … Continue reading

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Well, that was quick. I was able to make a connection from remote back to the Gargoyle router via the OpenVPN tunnel. But, I was unable to see anything on the LAN. Sure, this was not one of the objectives … Continue reading

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Home Movies

I recently installed a larger capacity hard drive in my computer at home. I went from two 250GB drives to a 1.5TB drive. I also freed up a 1TB external USB drive that I was using for Downloads and general … Continue reading

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The Dead and The Restless, Part 2

I can’t believe I never got back to this! Sorry about that. So, when we left off, we were in a cemetery in Dublin. The Find-A-Grave volunteer that answered my call for photos proved to be one of the best. … Continue reading

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Genealogy Updates

Calin’s Irish Citizenship paperwork was kicked back. We need to provide a copy of “a gov’t issued photo ID”. Umm? You mean a passport? Yup. So that is currently in the works as of last Monday. DNA: Jenny’s brother’s results … Continue reading

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