And the Next Day, Mini-Splits

Everything happens at once. Yesterday we took down a 75′ spruce tree, and today they started installing our ductless mini-splits.

Today, they installed the four head-units, the backer plates for the exterior channels, and the pad for the outdoor compressor. Tomorrow they install the line sets and hopefully the outdoor compressor. As a bonus, we could get a visit from the electrician, too. Entire install window is for four days, but I absolutely do not see three more days of work to be done.

In order to “officially” get the head-units added to Home Assistant, there is a $195 part that needs to be added to each head-unit. This enables WiFi and the Mitsubishi Kumo Cloud service. While trapped in my office with Jenny, Calin, and the cat, I found that there is a much cheaper and “unofficial” solution based on ESP8266/ESP32 microcontrollers, of which I think I owe you a very long and boring blog post about.

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