Enter the Heat-Pump

Today the line-sets went in, as well as the massive heat-pump.

The covers on the channels are a great sign. These are paintable, so we’ll be shopping for some grey paint come Spring. They put a vacuum on the line-sets and they are all sound, so they charged and primed the system.

Only thing missing is…the 240-volt connection from the electrical panel! The electrician should be here around 9:00 tomorrow morning.

When the installers had finally left for the day, Jenny bolted out the door, as did the cat. But the cat soon returned to my office and sat in my lap while I worked on some labs for an Arista CloudVision class I was signed up for at work. With Monday being a holiday (MLK Jr.), I was already a day behind! Oy. But, Calin was in absolutely no rush to get out of my office, either. He was watching “Phineas And Ferb” on his laptop. AHAHHAHAAHHAHA! Two days of being cooped up in my small, messy, cluttered office, and all of the boys in this house decided it was the best place to chill.

The upstairs head-units do not come with the Anti-Allergy Enzyme filters, so I just ordered those at $43 a pair per unit. Sheesh. They are not very large! See #9 below.

And they need to be replaced every year. It is always something, isn’t it?

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