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Weather Station

So, out of the blue, my father emails me asking if Calin might enjoy a weather station. I figured he had an unused one that he found while cleaning out the house. I am fairly certain I have seen an unused weather station in that house before.… Read the rest

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Zork 2017

I am working my way through Zed Shaw‘s “Learn Python the Hard Way“, which is both a book with a DVD containing videos of each of the lessons and a web site that does not have the videos.… Read the rest

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Home Movies

I recently installed a larger capacity hard drive in my computer at home. I went from two 250GB drives to a 1.5TB drive. I also freed up a 1TB external USB drive that I was using for Downloads and general backups.… Read the rest

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Genealogy Updates

Calin’s Irish Citizenship paperwork was kicked back. We need to provide a copy of “a gov’t issued photo ID”. Umm? You mean a passport? Yup.
So that is currently in the works as of last Monday.

DNA: Jenny’s brother’s results are back.… Read the rest

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The Dead and The Restless

This is a follow-on to the post about all of the new Flynn info. It is hard for me to come to terms with the fact that while all of that was going and all of the following was getting started, that I was studying for and taking final exams!… Read the rest

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Why I do it.

via YouTube Capture
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Summer Fun!

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Having fun at A friend’s birthday party.



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Find A Grave

I started playing around with the FindAGrave app for iOS and noticed that there was a tiny burial ground (not even a cemetery) a short walk from my house. I also noticed that there was a photo request for one of the stones in that burial ground.… Read the rest

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Giving up the ghost

The Grey Ghost, that is.

After spending more time in the shops than out over the last couple weeks, and a couple thousand on credit cards that I will be paying for for a long, long time to come, the Volvo was still not right and I think someone will finally get around to actually doing that compression test that I asked for after it overheated.… Read the rest

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Gear Shifter Light!!!

Yesterday, I replaced the gear shifter light. This involved removing two concealed bolts and popping some plastic tabs. I used these instructions and the job was done in maybe 20 minutes. I involved the Nexus 7 tablet that I received for Christmas in the process, propping it up between the dashboard and the windshield.… Read the rest

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