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Synology NAS VPN Server

It has been a long while since I wrote about VPN servers. This is because of the change of job, and then working from home for over a year because of COVID-19. But I have kept playing with the technology over the years.… Read the rest

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I just bought a 4GB Pi4B kit!
I went with¬†a Labists kit¬†this time, rather than the standard CanaKit. I recently discovered that I had “earned” a $50 Amazon gift card on one of the HR sites at work, so that came in wicked handy.… Read the rest

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Going a bit more public

I have been thinking about what a time-sink FB is and how I really don’t enjoy providing them with data to monetize. If my data can be monetized, shouldn’t it be me that gets those monies? So, I am looking at ways that I can start backing down from FB and using the tools that I already have in place (and pay for) to achieve those ends.… Read the rest

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