I just bought a 4GB Pi4B kit!
I went with a Labists kit this time, rather than the standard CanaKit. I recently discovered that I had “earned” a $50 Amazon gift card on one of the HR sites at work, so that came in wicked handy. I like the case in this Labists kit. It will be donated to the 1GB Pi4B model, which currently is encased in Lego. I’ll put the CanaKit case from the 1GB on the 4GB, as it is just going to the basement network rack. This will be the start of the NAS.

I am looking at 4TB USB3.0 external hard drives, and I think the real solution is to get a decent case, crack it open, and stuff a NAS drive (red) in there. Yes, this means spinny hard drives, but 4TB SSDs are just stoopid expensive. And I am going RAID1, so I need two drives. I am running into issues with this, however, as most modern desktop external drives have these SMR drives in them, and the reviews on that are not so good. Performance really suffers as the drive fills up, as the “S” in SMR is “Shingled”, meaning sectors overlap. I suppose I can suffer along on the native SMR drives for now and upgrade the actual drives when I have the cash again.

I think that I am going to try out OpenMediaVault on it, as well. I recently spied that it supports NFS, in addition to the standard SMB. Looks like an interesting project.

Ultimately, I would like to start moving all server functionality from my Pi 3B (not 3B+) to the 4GB Pi4B, so if OMV does not work out in a hurry, I’ll reload with Raspbian Lite and start moving things over as I have the time.

I need the increased disk space because the OTA TV antenna I just bought will be getting an OTA DVR to go with it. The DVR and Plex will need more space. I am down to 86GB free on the 1TB drive that is currently my non-fault tolerant centralized storage solution.

We have been binge watching “Young Sheldon” and we are now completely caught up. Jenny saw that the most recent episode was available on the CBS web site, so she wanted us to watch it on the laptop. I said “You realize that we have a laptop already hooked up to the TV, right?” It never dawned on her that “that computer” was actually a viable thing that is mostly easy enough that the kid can use it. So that is how we watched “Young Sheldon” tonight. Geeking FTW!

Pi0 = on shelf, was to be my DIY intervalometer, Pi Zero W
Pi1 = main server, Pi3B
Pi2 = Kodi box hooked to stereo in my office, Pi3B
Pi3 = DEV box that lives in the basement, Pi3B+
Pi4 = DEV and camera module box, Pi4B 1GB
weatherPi = velcroed to the back of the weather station display, Pi Zero W
Atomic = Plex server, Atomic Pi

I guess Pi5 is the name for the new one.

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