OneDrive on Linux, Revisited

You may recall that I managed to get OneDrive running on my main Pi with the goal of uninstalling the OneDrive client from the Windows machines and just running everything via a mapped drive to a SAMBA share.

This has been…mostly working. Certainly not well enough to uninstall OneDrive on Jenny’s laptop! She doesn’t know that she is even using it, but any change is bad, so I have to make sure it is a seamless cut to the mapped drive. If the server end of things is not 100%, I’m dead in the water.

It seems that the version of the OneDrive client software that I was running is now two revs out of date, so I did the upgrade. As an added bonus, I managed to get it running as a service, rather that a @reboot statement in crontab. I am pretty happy about this and will be monitoring over the next few days. In the meantime, it is currently syncing all of the files that have changed since it stopped working. How long ago was that?

Update: One thing I have noticed is that it is no longer crushing one of the Pi3B’s little CPU cores to 100% 24×7. It seems to have dropped down to about 15%. This is very welcomed news, as I was worrying about the overall system health and how urgent the move to the Pi4 was. I have some breathing room while the NAS I want is on backorder. Another thing that I noticed, just a few minutes ago, is that it seems to be syncing much sooner than it had been. I updated the checking account spreadsheet, saved it, and went then started looking at the weather and system health of all my devices (you all do that, right?). Right at the top of the logs was an entry about the checking account spreadsheet being synced. Nice! There are also entries for about 20 desktop.ini files being skipped because of “invalid name”. I think Microsoft OneDrive doesn’t want these files, either. I have added “desktop.ini” to the skip_file line in the config and I restarted the service last night. Maybe a full reboot is needed? That seems weird. I’ll probably just go on a seek and destroy mission and delete the files.

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