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Summer 2015

It seems that this place is not as hidden as I thought.
For those of you asking questions about Excel functions and the like, please understand that I use this place as kind of a notebook. Just because it winds up as a post here, especially if it is just a link, it does not mean that I am great source of info on the subject.… Read the rest

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CCENT Exam Prep

This has been a long time in the works, but I just made a great break through.

I started cobbling together a study lab in the engineering lab room here at work. It is fairly well isolated from the rest of the world.… Read the rest

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An email to my sister about my last Irish class

My class last night was really strange, but good. It was probably the smallest turn-out yet. Just the hardcore. It seemed everyone had an leabhar. Smug and Mrs Smug were missing and that made a definite impact on the group. Padraig was not there, so it was both classes (my class being three of us) and the remains of the other class all under Bernie’s tutelage.… Read the rest

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Started attending my first Irish class!!

I started attending my first Irish class at the Irish Cultural Center last night. It was really pretty good. I think everyone was very impressed at the turn-out. I stopped counting at 24 students. There were about 6 or 7 “intermediate” students, but they were soon whisked off to a separate room with the head instructor.… Read the rest

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Lá Gaeilge!!!

I attended my first Lá Gaeilge (Irish Language Day) this past Saturday. It was at Elms College in Chicopee, MA. God, I hate the Mass Pike. But the event was fun for the most part.

It was very interesting hearing a bunch of folks speaking the language in a million different little day-to-day conversations.… Read the rest

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Being There: LL Bean meets Bean and Leaf | The College Voice http://ping.fm/J9c1mRead the rest

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