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Everyone is Irish

My floater coworker brought in a genealogy packet today just to show me. An aunt had put it together for a family reunion in 2000. It was half handwritten and half typed, and full of black and white photocopied pictures. Genealogy has come a long way. … Read the rest

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Ranganna Gaeilge i Sasana Nua – Google Maps

I’ve started taking Irish classes again. It is great to be back at it. My sister found a group near her in Westerly, RI. Last night she started teaching it. I am very impressed with her. This morning I put this map together to see where the Irish language classes in New England are located and where there needs to be some expansion.… Read the rest

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Started attending my first Irish class!!

I started attending my first Irish class at the Irish Cultural Center last night. It was really pretty good. I think everyone was very impressed at the turn-out. I stopped counting at 24 students. There were about 6 or 7 “intermediate” students, but they were soon whisked off to a separate room with the head instructor.… Read the rest

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