Summer 2015

It seems that this place is not as hidden as I thought.
For those of you asking questions about Excel functions and the like, please understand that I use this place as kind of a notebook. Just because it winds up as a post here, especially if it is just a link, it does not mean that I am great source of info on the subject. Click the link! Those are the folks that can help you.

In other news, I have been contacted by a 2nd cousin from Upstate NY. He has been flowing me a steady stream of info on our common ancestors. Thank you! He has also agreed to DNA testing…as has his father. In the interest of keeping the budget, we will be testing the father. This would be the second 1st cousin that we have on my mother’s paternal side of the family to do the test. There is a paternal third cousin of her’s that is also testing, so in a few weeks things are going to get crazy up in DNA Town. In the meantime, I need to start wading through the items that have been sent to me and post them here so that others interested in the Flynn family of Troy, NY can enjoy them, too. Now I need to find some cousins on my mother’s maternal side to test…Atkinson, Donohue, Draddy, Loftus, Gordon and Norton.

Right now, I am coming down to the end of my second term back in school. I’m 46 and in college. Will the wonders of the Internet never end? I have my math final between me and summer vacation. I think I am going to get a job at the hot dog stand and go to the beach every day. Oh, wait. I’m old, married with kid and have a job and mortgage. No hot dog stand. 🙁 But, that is about it. There’s your update.

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