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Going a bit more public

I have been thinking about what a time-sink FB is and how I really don’t enjoy providing them with data to monetize. If my data can be monetized, shouldn’t it be me that gets those monies? So, I am looking at ways that I can start backing down from FB and using the tools that I already have in place (and pay for) to achieve those ends.… Read the rest

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So, our “backyard”, such as it is, is about as hot as the center of the Sun. I am pretty sure we have fusion taking place back there. We’ve looked at ways of gaining some shade, but due to the nature of our house (clad in asbestos shingles), an awning or the like is out of the question.… Read the rest

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Home Improvements

Just thought you might like to see what I have been doing with my last ever “free” vacation week.
The next time I have more than a holiday off, it will mean that Jenny is giving birth.
I put the time to some pretty good use.… Read the rest

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