Synology NAS VPN Server

It has been a long while since I wrote about VPN servers. This is because of the change of job, and then working from home for over a year because of COVID-19. But I have kept playing with the technology over the years. The old SoftEther VPN is long gone. I am messing about with OpenVPN now, but I have my sights on Wireguard.

Today is Mother’s Day. I woke up with a pounding headache and some issues going on down below, so Jenny took the kid and they amscrayed off to her mother’s for the afternoon. After getting the Unifi Controller working on the Synology NAS, I looked at getting the syslog server working on it, but after an hour or so, I am convinced there is a bug. I then finally addressed and got the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate situation sorted, which is super good news. Thank you, SpaceRex! I’ve given up on trying to tie the NAS to my domain and just went with the Synology DDNS name.

With the SSL cert working, I then started looking at why the OpenVPN server stopped working. I finally figured it out that when I changed from the single NIC to the dual-link setup, this is what broke it. As you can see below, it needs to be bond1. I found it set to eth0.

Then there was a little fiddling with the firewall on the NAS, and making sure that the right holes were punched in the router’s firewall, too. Again, my pal SpaceRex helped me with that.

His explanation here on punching holes in the router is aces. Synology really worked some kind of magic on this process. My router does not do SNMP and I never provided it with the password, so I am really amazed and scared at how they are pulling off this stunt.

But now the iPhone is connected back to the OpenVPN server, which is great. After an hour’s nap, I am feeling a bit better in head and gut. It has been a decent day of geeking. Now I am relaxing with a little Martin Zero.

It is just not a Sunday without seeing this guy walk around in strange underground places.

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