Installing the Unifi Controller on a Synology NAS in 5 minutes — (2019)

Slowly I turned. And step by step. Inch by inch…

[Step-by-Step] Installing the Unifi Controller on a Synology NAS with the use of Docker. Up and running in 5 minutes.

Source: Installing the Unifi Controller on a Synology Nas in 5 minutes — (2019)

Unifi Controller is now running on the Synology NAS and the unifi service is disabled on the Pi3. One less thing. Enabling NTP on the NAS really may have been the beginning of the end for my Pi server.

My my shiny, new Unifi WiFi6 AP arrives on Monday evening.

I had Pi-Hole running on the NAS, as well, but I am not 100% comfy with Docker containers just yet. Pi-Hole updates occur with greater frequency than Unifi Controller updates. And I am running the Unbound version of Pi-Hole, so there are extra moving parts. I really hate being reliant on other people’s unofficial projects for these Docker images, so we’ll see how this whole NAS-based server experiment goes.

I just ran Plex, server on the NAS, and CPU never got above 32%, and quickly reduced to 5%. Memory is at 24% and hardly even blinked.

I had been debating downgrading the Pi4 (4GB) OS to the 32-bit version of Raspbian, sorry, Raspberry Pi OS. This was because the Unifi Controller required Java and there were no packages available for the 64-bit (beta) version of the OS. With the Unifi Controller now running on the NAS, I no longer have that as a stopping point. I need to think about what other services I am using the old Pi3B for. It is my syslog server. Maybe that is the next thing that I should look at for the NAS…

Inch by inch…

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