First Build in the New Shed

Last week, the power was finally connected to the shed. I’ve not talked about it in a while, but I paid to have it roofed, as I have no business being on a roof. Jenny helped me with painting the structure. I’d say we got 92.5% of the structure covered before the weather dipped below 50F and stayed there.

Today I got a little bored and decided to go out to build a workbench out of the 2×4 material that is left over from the shed build. These 2x4s have been acting as my de facto bench since the roof was on, as I have them up on some sawhorses. This new bench will serve me well over the winter, but will be promoted to Jenny’s potting bench once the weather warms up again.

It was so nice going out there and creating something from a pile of nothing. I am slowly moving all of my tools out of the basement and out to the shed. There is still a ton of work to be done on the inside, including insulation. It was cold when I first got in there today, but even with the first snow of the season falling, it eventually was cozy, even with the door open for saw dust removal. I tried using the table saw with the door closed, but I soon was coughing, as I have no extraction method yet. Step by step. Bootstrapping a bench is the first one.

I’ll finish the bench up tomorrow and will post a picture, but for now, this is what it looked like once the power was turned on.

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