The 179 Days of Deodorant

How festive! A holiday deodorant update. God, I love this blog.

Anyway, yeah, 179 days to get through my last jar of Pretty Frank Seaside Activated Charcoal deodorant. Summer and the lessening of the COVID resulted in this veritable sprint through the jar.

The new jar is here already, and I was pleased to find that they still do not use plastic lids. While shopping, I found the Piper Wai is using lids made out of plastic recovered from the ocean, which is pretty damn cool. Definitely something I’d like to start seeing more of.

Just crunched the numbers and found that my daily spend on deodorant was $0.078, so, you know, you’re welcome. That is actually higher than I expected, but still nothing compared to what I was spending on store-bought stick deodorant.

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