Calling all ye Flynns, Draddys and Donohues!

So, Uncle Sam took a good bite out of me this year, so there wasn’t near the amount of available money that I was hoping for, but I did talk myself into buying a little something for myself from my last AT&T bonus.
If you recall from this post, Calvary is not the cheapest place to deal with.
Well, since then, they’ve increased the price!
I need to get these records before they become more expensive than I can ever justify…even though future research sort of depends on figuring out who all is buried in these plots.
Mary Flynn Plot Purchase

I chose this one for a number of reasons. First, it is the oldest record that we have on this family. Second, Catherine Draddy-Donohue purchased the headstone, so I am placing a bet that she may be buried here.

There is that Draddy grave that needs its records purchased. Section 8, Range 56, Plot F, Grave 3. John Draddy and seven others are buried here. $190, please.
And then there is Elizabeth Norton-Donohue’s grave, 19-9-O-20, which has three unknowns in there with her. $150, please.

It might be a while before I solve this mystery.

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