High Availability Pi-Hole Servers

Had been running a single Pi-Hole for a long while, but I would always have to wait until after C & J were abed before I could update it.

Having a second Pi-Hole server running was key. Was trying to get the second one spun up as a Docker instance on the Synology NAS, but trying to keep the two servers in sync was not going to be easy going, as ssh is key to this process.

Cleaned up the old Pi 4B server, Pi5, a bit and installed Pi-Hole on it as a service.

I then followed this set of instructions. This got the two servers talking, but sync was not taking place the way that I expected. I backed out the Tutorial 1 by removing the added line from /opt/pihole/gravity.sh.

I then found this set of instructions, which is exactly what I had in mind, as it syncs local DNS records, as well. So this is what is doing the sync, and I am using the heartbeat script from the first instructions, which are found in Tutorial 2.


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