Addressing the Dropbox Link Change, Part II

Well, that obviously didn’t work. 🙁

But, I found this page that talks about getting around the whole ?raw=1 stuff. I wasn’t convinced that would work, but it was exciting to see the image pop up in the editing field while writing that post. Let’s see what happens, using his “pro tip”. Continue reading

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Addressing the Dropbox Link Change

Found all my old Dropbox file links to be broken now that they made some strange change. The direct linking feature was one of my favorite things about Dropbox, so I am seriously looking for a solution right now.
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Clothes, American Style

I discovered last night that any image that I had linked to this blog, and probably everywhere else in the world, from Dropbox is now missing. They broke the way sharing of files worked The object (file, image, audio file, etc) is now embedded in a web page. This sucks. I have been using those sharing links for YEARS. Now I have a million broken blog posts. Not too happy right now.

Anyway, while searching for the extent of the damage, I went back to the very start of this blog. Looks like I was funneling posts to Facebook through here while using the now defunct service. One of the actual blog posts that I just came across, from 2010, is about American-made clothing. It looks like the field has narrowed a bit more since then. Anyway, in looking around, I noticed that there is a company called Bamboosa that makes polo shirts (95% organic bamboo, 5% lycra…which I am not a massive fan of). I need some new shirts, so we’ll see how these do.


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What More to Do With a Raspberry Pi?

I am so loving the Pi. As you may recall, I have Pi-Hole running on it, and also SoftEther VPN server. I noticed my co-worker attached earlier today.

A few evenings ago, I was chatting with my wife’s younger cousin about installing Linux on an old (PowerPC) Power Mac.1 I asked him why he was interested in doing this to himself, and he said he wanted to use this dumpster diving find as a Plex server. Solid idea. I upgraded my suggestion from a PowerPC version of Puppy Linux to a PowerPC version of Debian and warned him about the whole Big Endian/Little Endian mess that he was bound to face. As the conversation went on, he eventually told me that he was thinking about building a microATX system, so I told him that I was so jazzed about my Pi and mentioned the Pi-Hole and VPN server solutions. A minute or so later, he got back to me and said that those were the best two ideas for a Raspberry Pi that he had never heard of before. As such, this post is dedicated to him.

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  1.  This is strange because just a few days previous, an old friend who now lives in the Bay Area was asking on Facebook for any help in getting Linux installed on an old Mac G5 (PowerPC) that she wanted to to give to her young son to get him started in coding with MIT’s Scratch…and antivirus…and PowerPoint…and Word. I told her to avoid inflicting the misery of maintaining this old Franken-box on her son and just to buy a Chromebook for the lad. This was seconded by another geek who lives near her. Weird that such a strange thing would pop up twice in about a week.
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How To Make A Table Saw Sawmill Jig – YouTube

I’m going to build one of these, sans the threaded rod, on Monday…if the weather is OK. I have some apple, walnut, and maple logs to try this out on. The goal is to get enough useable lumber to make a treasure box of a sort for my son. The apple tree was his friend. His friend was a dead tree full of ants, but his friend anyway.

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Pi-hole®: A black hole for Internet advertisements – curl -sSL | bash

Source: Pi-hole®: A black hole for Internet advertisements – curl -sSL | bash

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SoftEther VPN and the Raspberry Pi

I finally bit the bullet and migrated the SoftEther VPN server to the Raspberry Pi. The holdup was the public hostname that the remote client looks for. This hostname seems to be one of the reasons that this solution works for my particular case at all. Maybe not the hostname, but the domain that the hostname uses in the URL:

If I tried to use OpenVPN with Dynamic DNS, say,, I’d be blocked at my client’s proxy server. They block, as well. But seems to be flying below the RADAR.

Anyway, the drawback of SoftEther VPN is that this URL name cannot move. I’ve read that if you simply copy and paste the old key that they generate for you to the new server, it should work with no problem. But…I have not found this to be true. What’s a geek to do?

I just rejiggered the SoftEther client on my work-issued laptop and connected straight away. That isn’t too bad for a Raspberry Pi!

Speedtest: Boston to Greenville, RI

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