This morning the Draddy clan were restless.

John Draddy Cemetery Plot Purchase
John Draddy is one of my maternal 3x great-grandfathers.He was born in County Cork, Ireland around 1835 and died in an freak explosion at a construction site in Manhattan in 1880.

Armed with an actual plot number, I turned to FindAGrave.com to see if there were any hints on the headstone:

Nope. No hints. Period.

I just called Calvary to see how many people are in there. I expected two, maybe three. I am missing John’s wife, Mary Flynn-Draddy, so I figured she might be in there with him.
Well, I could not believe the number I was told by the woman on the other end of the phone, who was now laughing because of my reaction.
EIGHT!! THERE ARE EIGHT PEOPLE IN THERE and the plot is OWNED by John Draddy. That means these are, more than likely, all relations.
See the “1892” on the plot record above? I think this record was drafted after a relative died and needed to be buried. I have no idea who all of these people are!

Calvary is a known for being a bit expensive for genealogy records, but I guess it goes to a good cause. They’ve been tending the grave since, well, since 1870, so I guess it is worth it.
When things settle down after the move and job change, I am going to save up for these records. $125 for these names.

After I get those records, I really want to get the records for this plot, too.

This is actually one of the original records that I was given from my mother’s mother’s set. We thought that this Mary Flynn was the wife of John Draddy, but, it turns out, she is actually the mother of Mary Flynn-Draddy!

Her death record estimates she was born 1790 (I have my doubts, but she was born somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800). She bought this plot for her son, John, who died Feb 20, 1871, aged 40 years (see 1790 doubts). He died from Bright’s Disease. I would never had figured this without a picture of the headstone. Catherine Donohue was born Catherine Draddy.

The way the pricing at Calvary was originally explained to me, I thought there were five people in this grave. That would be one unaccounted for on the headstone. Is the missing person Catherine? I don’t know. But, the way the pricing was just explained to me today, which was much more clear, there are actually SIX people in here, so TWO are not listed on the stone! $115 for these records.

I think I need a cheaper hobby. Maybe I’ll take up smelting gold.

Anyway, thank you, Catherine Mary Draddy-Donohue.

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