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I’ve previously covered poor John Draddy, my 3rd great grandfather, who was killed in a construction explosion. What I see I am missing from this blog is that I sent off for the list of those buried in his grave with him. There are seven others in there with him, include four babies ranging in age from 19 days to 2 years old. A tough, tough life these people had.

Looking at the list again today, I noticed something that I had previously overlooked. John himself is not listed! I called Calvary and asked them to look up his plot and they read me back the exact plot that I had in hand. I explained that he was missing and the woman on the other end of the phone asked for a set of initials printed at the bottom of the letter that they shipped with the list. I told her I would have to locate that, but that I would call her back as soon as I located it. You know how that can be, and if you could see the state of my office right now, you’d think it was an impossible task. I know I did. But I dove into my genealogy file box and put my hands right on the record in less than a minute! That color-coded organizing system works!

When I called her back, I read her the initials and she said “Well, I could have guessed that. OK, I will send you a corrected record. Would you like that by mail or email?” I laughed and said “There seems to be one of those in every office.” That set her at ease and she took my email address. Fingers crossed, I will have an updated record to post here on Monday or Tuesday.

While going over the existing list again, I found that I have index records only for most of the people listed. These are from FamilySearch. I’d like to get the actual records, as the three adults are all listed as being born in Ireland. I am hoping to pull some clues from the actual records. FamilySearch lists that the images are available, but only at a Family History Center. I have a good one in Woonsocket that I’ve wanted to visit for a while now, so I sent an email asking what the actual process is, etc, etc. Hoping to hear back soon.

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