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I noticed that there were plenty of ads showing on my phone this morning, so I immediately started thinking that either the Pi-Hole Pi had an issue, or Pi-Hole itself was acting up.

While reading the news, I saw that Pi-Hole is moving away from ad-block style filtering to straight up domain blocking. This is not being well-received.

When I finally sat down at the computer, I saw that the update was waiting for me, so I did it. I also stumbled onto a page describing how to get Cloudflare DNS-Over-HTTP working in Pi-Hole. So I set that up. Now to see how this goes over the next couple of days.

Cloudflare seems to be eating the Internet these days. Also in the current news is their quasi-VPN service is open to the public…for free. And I just bought a yearly subscription to PIA a couple of weeks ago!

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