Oct 2:
Been screwing with this for the better part of two hours. I love working from home!

But, I can’t even get the laptop to see the adapter attached to the TV, let alone connect and then stream video.
It may be that this adapter has been rendered obsolete by Intel. There are 100s of threads on both the Netgear and Intel support forums from people bitching about how this stuff does not “just work”.
In order to make it work, you need the proper mix of hardware (from CPU through chipset to display adapter to wireless card), firmware and software. And, Intel is not making it easy at all to get at the older software that maybe did work.
Honestly, this is a thing that COULD be cool to get working, but it isn’t going to…EVER. So I am tossing in the towel.

WiFi is connecting at 240Mbps upstairs, though. Very nice. ;D

Nobody likes a quitter!

I finally managed to find the OLD version of the WiDi software, so I installed that and it gave me an error message that I was not getting with the newer stuff, warning me that my WiFi connection was set up incorrectly. No 5GHz with this stuff. So I popped over to the 2.4GHz. My WiFi connection dropped to 118Mbps, but I was able to connect to the adapter.
I then reinstalled the latest software and was very pleased to see the adapter listed. Once I connected, I was instantly asked if I wanted to upgrade to the latest firmware…of course! The adapter then rebooted and I ran some video tests, all looking good.

So, there is that working.

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