Cloud Communications – Google to Test Demand for Cloud Computing By End of Year

Cloud Communications – Google to Test Demand for Cloud Computing By End of Year.

Been a long time since I posted anything on this front. Quite honestly, it has been a long time since there was anything interesting to say about it! The iTab seems to have stolen the thunder. I see no reason why ChromeOS could not be ported to a tablet. 3G/4G would almost certainly have to be included out of the gate, however. Free WiFi is not as freely available as the tech writers in San Fran would have you believe.

Yesterday I set up my eeePC 901 at the top of my Tower of Power. I moved all my components out of the living room and up into my office. Know what I am missing from that Tower of Power? A CD player! HA! That is pretty funny. Actually, I was going to use my old CD Walkman, but I am having a hard time putting my hands on the power adapter for it. It is in a box somewhere, I am sure. Anyway, I upgraded the 901 from Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 to 10.10, which is nice looking, but Ubuntu really is starting to piss me off. The Services Manager tool is gone and replaced by…? The ability to connect via VNC/RDC, etc is all but missing. Used to be a simple check box on the Login Menu properties. Gone. Installed Vino and will test that tonight. Really hoping that Santa can find me an upgrade for the flash drive that runs the eeePC. I want to throw Win7 on this puppy and see what pain really is. 😉 In the meantime, this is a long way to go to get tunes playing in my office.

I have a 15′ TOSLINK cable on order from Monoprice. This will connect from my PC at my desk to the receiver. Hell, I am already thinking about a wall-mounted TV.

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