DNS Record Types Explained – Pressable – More Than Hosting

This article is part 3 in a series dedicated to the DNS Management, specifically DNS Record Types Explained. We will list the commonly used record types.

Source: DNS Record Types Explained – Pressable – More Than Hosting

I fired up a web server on a Pi tonight. I gave it a crazy, non-standard port number. I was able to access it from off net, with my router’s WAN IP address.

Then I started to recall the nuttiness of dynamic DNS services, including the likes of No-IP, OpenDNS, and some others.

Then I remembered that I am already running a dynamic DNS service that resolves to a unique FQDN! Softether VPN does this!

Then it was a matter of relearning how DNS records work, and, finally, figuring out how to make this all work at my hosting service’s site.

What I needed was a CNAME record within matthannan.net pointing at the FQDN provided by SoftetherVPN. I set this up via the cPanel at the hosting service, and I should be online in about 25 more minutes.

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