Home Assistant 2022.7 Update: History

Learned about the update to History via this YouTube video.

Holy crows, this is a good one! I quickly noticed some expected things missing from the graphs, so I ran back through my device “Locations” and found a bunch of them either not set or not accurately set. I even took the opportunity to get a bit more granular with some of the locations. I live in a small Cape-style home, so I originally only set up “Bedrooms” for the entire upstairs. Now I have “Master Bedroom” and “Kid’s Bedroom”.

Also, I am an avid weather-watcher and my wife obsesses over AQI (indoor and out), so most of my dashboards include some type of weather and/or AQI card. This prompted me to create an “Outside” location, for my weather station, WeatherAPI, Nat’l Weather Service (NWS), CO2 Signal sensor, and EPA AirNow readings. Having combined graphs on all of this is simply awesome. My weather station is fairly accurate, based on what the readings from the small airport a few miles from here (via NWS). Nice to see that confirmed.

Example of new multi-source History graphs

Does anyone know how I can assign the built-in Sun entity to my “Outside”? 😉 It may be possible and that I am just overlooking it.

Anyway, just thought I would remind folks to keep an eye on those Location details. I was skipping them because my dashboard is divided up by rooms, and I was displaying the correct data on the correct dashboard page without really thinking about “Location” metadata. With this new update to History, “Location” data is now an awesome new feature. Enjoy!

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