Install Unifi Controller on Raspberry Pi in 5 Min [Step-By-Step]

Quick and easy guide to install the Unifi Controller on a Raspberry Pi. Get it up and running in 5 minutes. – Updated April 2019 –

Source: Install Unifi Controller on Raspberry Pi in 5 Min [Step-By-Step]

Ramping things up for the great migration from Verizon FiOS.
Ethernet is run from the ONT to the Atomic Pi pfSense box.
Looks like I am one phone call away from having the ONT switched from coax to Ethernet, which will bring the pfSense box online.
In the meantime, I have gotten the UniFi AP (802.11n 2.4GHz) online, but was using my Windows PC as the controller. Obviously, this was not going to work, so a quick DuckDuckGo search gave me this guy’s tutorial. It starts with unboxing and doing the initial set-up of the Pi, so it was even quicker than his 5 minutes.
I’ve disabled the 2.4GHz radio in the FiOS G1100 router, renamed the SSID on the UniFi AP to match that, and BAM! I have slower/older clients attached.
DEFINITELY need to start saving for the AC version of the AP.

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