Jupiter and his Court

So, I was kind of interested in why Jupiter was showing up as a dash in the photos from a couple of nights ago. Last night I brought out my 55-200mm telephoto lens. Focusing was a snap. And it proved its worth when pointed at the King of the Planets.

Jupiter and moons at 200mm

I also started learning my way around the northern sky, which is blocked in my yard by a gigantic walnut tree. Here’s Polaris.

Just to the east of Polaris is the constellation Cassiopeia. This appeared as a formless clump of stars, but now that I know it is there, I will try to get a better shot. Why I was looking here is because Stellarium told me that there are a few nebulae in that section of the sky. I didn’t see anything, though, which has me researching expensive filters.

I also tried getting Andromeda again, but I was not pointed in the right part of the sky. I was close, but off just enough. Where I am setting up my tripod, I think I am blinded by the light of the park office. Andromeda, it turns out, is just above the park office from where I set up. If I go back out, I will try a new spot. It is, BTW, just to the east and south of Cassiopeia.

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