Natural Deodorant: Day 1

So, I waited overnight for my deodorant to solidify.
It didn’t.
I tossed it, carefully, in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes and that did the trick.
I then took a shower, with the deodorant out on the back of the toilet, to see if it would “melt” again or not. During the shower, I removed the two band-aids on my knee and scrubbed off the last of the surgery ink (someone please confirm for me that this was just blue Sharpie). Two tiny, tiny scars. Amazing stuff.
Anyway, the deodorant did not melt, so I actually used some.

This was the first deodorant I have used in 2.5 weeks. Yes, my wife is an incredibly patient woman with some things. Actually, it just turns out that we were never in the neighborhood of the one place in town that sells my flavor of Degree for Men! HA! I will never forgive the Mennen company for doing away with Mennen Spice all those years ago. Seems I am not alone in this. Cool Spice can suck it. I would never reach for anything called “Alpine Force”. I settled on Musk for a long while, but even that is now becoming hard to find. When the original Spice phased out, I switched to patchouli for a good number of years, but when I had to finally knuckle under and get a jobby-job, I went back to the stick. It has been a relentless pursuit in finding a deodorant that I like, using it faithfully, and then discovering that it is being phased out. Find another, rinse, repeat. But now, I may be at the end of that folly! Myrrh, bitches! The ancient deodorant that still smells good today.

It has now been about an hour and a half since I put my deodorant on. The oils feel a little odd, but I may have used more than in needed…which was still less than I usually swab on. I just checked the stick, still sitting out on the back of the toilet, and it is still solid, but I don’t trust it. I have started reading the billions of comments on that Wellness Mama site that I linked to in the previous post, and eventually stumbled on to Rev. 3 which is formulated for use in a deodorant stick container. Hint: bee’s wax. Now I need to send a weird email to my BiL asking him to save his old deodorant containers for me. Or I could just scale back the recipe…

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