OpenWRT, follow-up

It has been a really, really good day on the router front.
I am very happy with OpenWRT and you should be, too.
Everything is cranking right along with plenty of room to spare.
With the help of these links, I was able to get my DNS server settings pointing to OpenDNS, even in IPv6. I’ve got Dynamic DNS working via DNS-O-Matic, OpenDNS and No-IP. There are further ways to use these tools to set up an ad and malware blocking service at the router, which is really awesome. I just haven’t dug in deep enough yet to crack that one. Soon, though. The VPN is 90% working, and I am sure it will be just a small amount of tweaking to get it to 100%.

Have some awesome links:
OpenWRT, OpenDNS, OpenVPN
Banging the DNS server settings into shape
Additional graphs and stuff

The power adapter for the Thinkpad X61t arrived today and works perfectly. I really like this machine. It is like putting on an old pair of shoes. However, while playing around with pfSense, but I found a number of issues. pfSense is based on BSD and BSD has a big problem with the SATA controller used in Thinkpads from the era of mine. After installing it, oh, a dozen times, I finally set the controller to Compatibility mode in the BIOS and it installed and booted without issue. In order to make use of this machine as a pfSense box, I am either going to have to configure two vlans on the one NIC, or come up with a PCMCIA NIC. At the start of our move prep, I pitched several PCMCIA NICs, thinking that I would never need them again. About a month later and BAM! Here I am looking for one. Because of this, I did not get to play with the networking or web GUI end of pfSense. I may screw around with this at work in my lab. I gave up on running pfSense on this laptop for the time being. Perhaps after the move. For now I am just too damned happy with OpenWRT on the Netgear router. I installed Fedora 12 on the laptop (just for laughs, really. I had the CD right there, so why not?) and I am trying to figure out how to either upgrade it to the latest version, Fedora 25, or find something more interesting to do with it until it becomes the pfSense box that I want. The upgrade path seems to be a non-starter.

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