Spring is here!

I am working in the outdoor workshop, aka my backyard, today.
The terrible winter seems to finally be defeated.
Over 70F and I am working in shorts.
Just a couple of days ago, it was snowing.

Anyway, Jenny wants new doors on the upstairs bedrooms.
Not just any door, but fancy louvred doors, so that we get better air movement up there.
It is, after all, a Cape. The bedrooms are, basically, finished rooms in the attic.
We just had a new roof put on, because we discovered that the mold that the previous owners treated for came back with a vengeance.
We’ve all been sleeping in the living room for about the past month.
So, now that the roof and mold are resolved, it is time for doors.

And, because Cape, the doors are not a standard size and I need to cut them down to size.
To do this, I am finally making those guide thingies for the circular saw.

And, in order to actually be able to do this in any kind of efficient way, I need a set of sawhorses.
I left my old set at the old house. They were just cheap 2×4 construction, as are these new ones, but these are way better.

New Sawhorses

New Sawhorses

In all, it is a Jay Bates kind of day around here!

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