Victory is…compromise

Before I left work yesterday, I started the process to nuke the hard drive in my AT&T laptop.
With the holiday looming, I wanted to get it in the mail back to my soon to be former boss ASAP.
This also left me with finally landing my personal laptop on my desk for reals.
I had tested OpenVPN and it was working via my iPhone. Now to see if it would work with my client’s proxy server.
Instant death. Something was not working right. I think they block outbound port 1194 or something. I need to think about this some more.
What this left me with was the contents of the hard drive in my laptop, about 1/3 of the WWW (seriously, these guys block damn near everything) and my iPhone.
What I did was failback from OpenVPN (for now) and reinstall SoftEther. Because I am able to write this post, you can tell that I was successful.
I think I need to see how to get OpenVPN to talk via port 443 and not 1194. This is the port that really stood out to me while reconfiguring SoftEther. Any ideas?

For now, I can get to my usual suspect web sites and read the links I sent myself, via PushBullet, this morning. I will be focusing on setting up a GitHub account today.

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