Volvo Lights, Phase 1, Complete!


  • Headlight switch seems to only have one light on and could possibly have two. There are five bulbs in the radio! There could easily be two in a headlight switch!! There are two bulbs in here. One for headlights, one for parking lights. Both lights lit.
  • Fog light switch needs a bulb…and some fog lights to go with it! Fog light switch lit up. Grabbed the wife and investigated what this rear fog light thing was all about. I have two, but the literature says I should only have one. Add it to the list!
  • TRACS switch needs a bulb. I think this is the traction control for slippery driving. Could come in handy to find that at night. TRACS switch lit. If I am reading this right, this switch disables TRACS, which I’m not sure makes much sense.
  • Rear defroster switch needs a bulb. Lit!
  • Radio is dark, save for the LCD and the power indicator. Radio is lit up like a Christmas tree!!!
  • A good evening’s work.

    Phase 2 will include these:

  • Ashtray is dark.
  • Gear shift is dark.
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