Shedding More Light

Sat in the car tonight and made a list of all the lights I could see were not working.

  • Headlight switch seems to only have one light on and could possibly have two. There are five bulbs in the radio! There could easily be two in a headlight switch!! There are two bulbs in here. One for headlights, one for parking lights.
    Two bulbs
  • Dimmer switch needs full-on replacing. The friction clips are broken.
  • Fog light switch needs a bulb…and some fog lights to go with it!
  • The main dash console/instrument cluster is good on bulbs.
  • TRACS switch needs a bulb. I think this is the traction control for slippery driving. Could come in handy to find that at night.
  • Rear defroster switch needs a bulb.
  • Left side of the climate controls is dark, but all the bulbs should be replaced.
  • Radio is dark, save for the LCD and the power indicator.
  • Ashtray is dark.
  • Gear shift is dark.
  • The glovebox light actually works!
  • I saw that I need to replace the passenger side visor. There is a vanity mirror there. The lid won’t stay up…and there is a bulb out.
  • Looking around, I find that I need to check both seat heater switches (I know the driver side works, but the passenger side maybe not so much) and there is a center console interior light that I think must be not working as I don’t recall there ever being light in there.

    The master window switch is actually lit up! I never noticed before because I am usually driving when messing with windows, so, good design there, Volvo! 😉

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