Convert MAC Addresses in Excel

I have 140 MAC addresses that I need to find out not only what switch, and switch port they are on, but also which part of the floor. It is a time-consuming slog, especially since the MAC addresses are not in a standard format.

This site saved me.

TL;DR version:

If you have Excel handy:
Cell A1 your original MAC
Cell B1 =SUBSTITUTE(A1,”:”,””)
Cell C1 =MID(B1,1,4)&”:”&MID(B1,5,4)&”:”&MID(B1,9,4)

Put original MACs into column A, 1 per cell
Fill down column B and C

In my case,

D35 is original

D36: =MID(D35,1,4)&”.”&MID(D35,5,4)&”.”&MID(D35,9,4)

001DA266FBE6 becomes useable 001D.A266.FBE6

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