MongoDB and Python in Data Visualization

This is an interesting web site discussing the use of Python and MongoDB in data visualization. I am getting very comfortable with Python and I have just started playing with MongoDB, so looking at examples of how I can start to generate data visualizations out of these tools is my next step. On a recent run of my Python script (compiling various csv files into a json format), I found that I am presently over 211 million cycles, and that is just merging the first two files! While playing with the MongoDB, I found that I need to change the values of a certain field from one long string into a list. This is only going to drive up the cycles. Then I have the third file to figure out. This, I think, will be a list of lists of dictionaries. This list will be added as a new key:value in a sub-dictionary within an overall dictionary. Hmmm? Why might I be interested in building a database?
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I think that is right.
Genetic genealogy: it is more about numbers than census records.


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