Fort follow up

Take a guess what I did this weekend?

Yup. More fort building. Was aiming for 3 walls completed, if not mounted, by quitting time Sunday, but I only got 2.75 done. I am out of Titebond III and 2.5″ screws and couldn’t see masking up to go to Big Orange for these meager supplies when I am going to need oh so much more next weekend.

The side walls, with the slanty roof, will have 24″x24″ windows. I left 6″ hanging off the back of the top roof “beam”, and didn’t bother trimming the front down. We are still searching for something better than 3/4″ plywood for the roof. Jenny thinks she has a beam of some composite corrugated deally.
The big wall, which I am calling the billboard, is the back wall. It measures 8′ long by 5′ high and weighs a metric ton. I was very sad to have to move that down off of the platform, but I needed the space to build the two side walls. Getting that sucker back up there is going to be brutal.
Word on the street is that tomorrow Jenny and Calin are going to start painting the two walls that are ready to go. I might, MIGHT, take that drive to Big Orange tomorrow after work to get the glue and screws needed to finish off the third wall.

Framing is not as much fun as joist hangers, but it was an interesting process. I’ve never done it before. Now I have framed two windows and figured out how to make that crazy slanted roof. When finished, this thing is going to be 1/3 Ana White, 1/3 chicken coop, 1/3 my crazy hack job. Jenny is dreaming of all the little details she wants to install once it is built. The kid just wants a place to go and hide. I just want it to be built already.

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