Fwd: Atkinsons in Calvary Cemetery

OK, we aren’t at any genetic risk due to cousin kissing, but the family is tied up in a nice mess of a knot.

The mother that bailed out was Norah Heaney. She was the mother of Frances Loftus. Frances was pretty much raised by her aunts, including Maria Loftus-Atkinson.
The fact that the Loftus crowd links the Atkinsons and the Donohues is simply incredible. This is Queens, NY we are talking about, not a small village in County Cork. The link is Atkinson (from Maryland) to Donohue (from County Cork) via Loftus (County Sligo). Seriously, what are the chances on this?!?!?!
The insert is from the 1930 US Census. You can see Walter Atkinson living with his mom. And then if you read the note below Teddy O’Neil, your mind should just start to spin.
I need to run through this stuff from time to time just to keep the story straight in my head.

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