Fwd: Atkinsons in Calvary Cemetery

The long awaited burial record for Maria Loftus-Atkinson arrived today. I was hoping to get some of her siblings, but it doesn’t look that way.

Who she was: Ma and Pat’s mother’s father’s mother.

Why I was hoping for siblings: There is a weird kind of mixing going on with the Loftus family. I forget off the top of my head, but the same Loftus family is tangled up with both the Atkinsons and the Donohues. I need to look at it again when I am fresh, but I know that it is making segment matching difficult, that is for sure!

Here is what we got:

When I called for this record, they seemed to have some issues with it. I wonder if the original records are messed up in someway, like damaged or something. Spilled on.
Maria Atkinson was NOT born in Italy.
Also, note the Date of Purchase and then look at how the people are listed.
I am still trying to wrap my head around Henry and Annie being born and dying so close to each other. I suppose they could be twins, but I am only able to find Annie’s birth record. Nothing at all about poor little Henry, save for his death record. Annie, by the way, is actually a new person for me. Pay attention to Maria’s birth location on these two records:

There are no Mary Ellis Atkinsons having babies with any William Atkinsons in NYC. Down South, yes. In Manhattan, nope. I think this is a simple transcription error. Her name was Maria (say Mariah) Elizabeth.

The Loftus family came from up north in Ireland, but not THAT far north! And definitely not Italy. I have them pinned down to County Sligo, but they may have moved a bit east of here, too.







There is something to the Loftus story. I am forgetting it all at the moment, but it is something funky, involving two of our branches and a mom that bailed back to Ireland at her first chance. I’ll try to dig it up tomorrow and send it along. It is kind of crazy stuff.

The next one on the list is Vincent, another new name. Honestly, I do not know how he fits in. He must have been a nephew to Maria’s husband, William Atkinson, Sr. I cannot fit him in on the tree at all.

Then we have Italian Maria herself (Connemara Primavara! {“Prímamhare”, I think would be the Gaelic version of that.}).

And, finally, Walter. Walter was the son that stayed home with his mom. I am not sure if he ever married. I have him living with Maria on the 1930 Census and then he simply vanishes until he reappears on this burial record. I am glad to have found him at last. Some day I might send off for his death cert to see if he married.

So, that is your update for now. Two new mysteries!
Oh! A new Hannon person took a DNA test. She is Alfred Hannon’s grand daughter. Nothing earth shattering here, but I am hoping she might have something, anything, to share about the Hannon line. Also, I found a recent match to Ma on the Donohue line. Either the Most Recent Common Ancestor is a previously unknown daughter to Thomas Donohue and Elizabeth Norton, or she is from a line descending from one of Thomas’s siblings, which would put her on a new branch growing out of Cork (I have a feeling it is in Kanturk). She, of course, has no clue about her genealogy beyond a couple of generations, so the work falls to me.
There. That’s your update.

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