More on Cooks Lane, Dublin

I’ve previously discussed Cooks Lane in Dublin, former home of my father’s father’s people. It is now under the Guinness Brewery.

A recent post from UCD is about maps built based on the Thom’s Street Directory, the telephone book of the day, caught my eye, so I looked for Cooks Lane on the most recent map available: 1898.

Cooks Lane in 1898

I’ve contacted the Guinness archivist about Cooks Lane before, but they seemed not to know much about it. What I was looking for was info on WHEN Guinness overran Cooks Lane. I have the family living there as late as 1897 and lose sight of them until 1901, when they were living on Clanbrassil Street with the patriarch recently deceased. I am trying to determine if these events are at all related, so it is interesting to see Cooks Lane still very much intact in 1898, but the area bounded by a dashed line indicating “Brewery”.

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