Gear Shifter Light!!!

Yesterday, I replaced the gear shifter light. This involved removing two concealed bolts and popping some plastic tabs. I used these instructions and the job was done in maybe 20 minutes. I involved the Nexus 7 tablet that I received for Christmas in the process, propping it up between the dashboard and the windshield. Worked great! Later in the day, as it was getting late, I tested the light out. Jenny happened to be there, bringing out a blanket that we used to keep Calin warm while we went for a walk with his new wagon. When she saw the lit up gear shifter she said “Oh my God! We have ‘Drive’!?!?!?! Look at all of those gears!”

Next will be the three bulbs in the climate control. I noticed this morning that Jenny is still drawn towards the darkness on the dash in that area. It does look like an entirely different car now, though. This is a good thing.

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