Let’s Encrypt V3

The Acme script that I use, like many people out there, to keep my Let’s Encrypt TLS/SSL certificate updated has recently had a breaking change of an upgrade. Namecheap, my hosting provider, is using an older version of OpenSSL. While this does not sound awesome, it is the upgrade from the previous version of OpenSSL that had a mega bug in it, so this isn’t too terrible. Still, not great and I hope that NameCheap gets on the stick and upgrades soon.

Anyway, the Acme is busted. Because of the older OpenSSL installed, it needs an extra argument passed in the command to point back from a domain called ZeroSSL.com to letsencrypt. I am still searching for the killer tutorial to get me back to where we were three months ago. Honestly, the previous install was working so well that I’ve forgotten all about what a plain pain in the ass this stuff is.

Here are the commands that I am using now. I fully nuked my previous Acme install and reinstalled fresh.

user@host$ .acme.sh/acme.sh --issue --server letsencrypt -d www.nycnyne.net -d nycnyne.net -w /home/swephc/public_html/nycnyne.net/
user@host$ .acme.sh/acme.sh --issue --server letsencrypt -d www.matthannan.net -d matthannan.net -w /home/swephc/public_html/

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