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More Let’s Encrypt V3, Part B, Subparagraph G

Well, it has been three months since I last had to wrestle with Let’s Encrypt certs.

As expected, they did not auto-renew.

I issued the commands found in the previous post on this topic and noticed something.

[name@server ~]$ .acme.sh/acme.sh --issue --server letsencrypt -d www.nycnyne.net
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Let’s Encrypt V3

The Acme script that I use, like many people out there, to keep my Let’s Encrypt TLS/SSL certificate updated has recently had a breaking change of an upgrade. Namecheap, my hosting provider, is using an older version of OpenSSL. While this does not sound awesome, it is the upgrade from the previous version of OpenSSL that had a mega bug in it, so this isn’t too terrible.… Read the rest

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