OpenVPN…for Windows

So, like most times I post to the Internet that I am having an issue with something, the answer becomes immediately available.
This time, I said that OpenVPN seemed to be Linux-only.

Well, it turns out that this is not so much the case.
While reading an article comparing SoftEther VPN to OpenVPN, I noticed that both servers were running on Windows. This lead me to do a bit more research and, lo and behold, the Windows fork seems to be a work of the community and not so much the official stream.

You’ll have to forgive me for this mistake. Looking at the official channel, there is no mention of Windows.


Do you see Windows listed here?

I’d like to play with this, but I doubt it will happen. We are moving soon and what I really want to roll out as a VPN/Firewall is pfSense…which has OpenVPN baked in. Anyone have a circa 2014 or newer PC they want to donate to my cause?

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