SoftEther VPN, follow-up

I am writing at work on my laptop which is connected via WiFi to the guest network.
This guest network dumps you straight out to the Internet, but subjects you to internal proxy rules.
No Social Web anything. And, quite honestly, screw these guys and their data collections.
I am now VPNed from here back to my house, into my PC, where the SoftEther VPN server is running.
I was assigned an internal address on my home LAN.
You probably use for this subnet. I use something different.
I am able to access sites that are typically blocked by the work proxy server.
And, I just took a look at the Network section of Windows Explorer. I see my home LAN devices!
Printers, Plex server, various PCs.
I am just amazed at this.
Really, I am amazed that it took me so long to get this implemented.

I am on “Mobile”, in Boston. Everything else is at home in Attleboro.


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