Piper Wai Natural Deodorant

Been a while since we went down this rabbit hole.

To sum up, my pits are too delicate for baking soda deodorants. I had been using Zion Health Claydry for about a year, but I was never totally happy with it. For one, it would limp to make it to noon on a quiet day. Add in any stress, and it would keel over dead, leaving me with the added stress of stinking.

I was reading reviews for some other kind of deodorant on the Amazon, and someone said something along the lines of “If this doesn’t last past noon, I am going right back to Piper Wai.” That caught my attention, so I looked up this Piper Wai.

All natural? Animal cruelty free? Vegan? Made in the US? Check, check, checkity check! Sold! Let’s try it out. What have I got to lose?

When it arrived, I decided to do a three months into the COVID-19 quarantine science experiment. Like most people trapped at home, showering is no longer a daily event. In fact, by the time the jar of Piper Wai arrived, I hadn’t showered for three days…at least. I’m not proud of that, but now you know that I am not BSing you. And, I had long since stopped using any deodorant. I found that the Zion Health was actually making me stink worse and faster than not using anything…which explains how the wife hadn’t thrown me out the window by Day Three of not showering. So, I cracked open the jar and read the directions. It says it is gender neutral, but I must be something of an old school Murican male at this point. I find it a little too floral for my absolute liking, but whatevs. I put a pea-sized dab of the grey paste under each pit and waited for the magic. When it took hold, I was absolutely floored. I’d say that inside of an hour my three day old stink pits no longer stank. Say what? I went back and re-read the ingredients. What is the A#1 top of the heap? Activated charcoal, my stinky brothers and sisters. Activated freaking charcoal. It is so obvious to me now that I am amazed that it took me this long to see what is the bedrock of the Paradise beyond the burning hell of baking soda. Activated charcoal for the win!

It worked so well, that I went another couple of days without showering…or even reapplying! That is significantly beyond noon, know what I’m saying? Now after I shower, which is becoming a more frequent event as the state is opening up little bit more, I put a pea-sized glob under each pit and I totally do not worry (less stress, less stink) about about stinking any longer. It lasts all day, even on hot days when I am working outside…like on a fort. Love it! I just wish the scent was a bit more earthy brown and less floral yellow.

Disclosure: I paid for this jar of Piper Wai Anti-Stink Paste with my own money. I do not accept advertising on this platform. I have no relationship with the Piper Wai company other than being a very satisfied customer.

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