Piper Wai, follow-up

You may recall that back in mid-June I was trying out a new deodorant, Piper Wai. Well, there is not enough left in the jar to do both arm pits tomorrow, so I am calling it finished. 128 days.

I liked Piper Wai so much that I sent a jar to a friend in CA. It really was amazing. He told me that he has issues with fragrances, which is very similar to Jenny. And then he told me that the premise of Piper Wai reminded him of something called Pit Paste, which is now called Pretty Frank, but it has no fragrence.

Their activated charcoal product states it is a pit detox. Seeing as I just went >4 months with the Piper Wai, I figure I am about detoxed in my pits. But, I figure that I am still sensitive, so I went with the magnesium version.

I have enough Piper Wai for one pit, so I will take that as a sign that I need to do a Science and will be putting the formerly called Pit Paste in the other and I’ll see which does a better job.

We’ll see how it goes.

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